We value our clients and we value their opinions. Here you will find a handful of our many, many, many testimonials. We hope to have the remaining testimonials typed up and added to this page in 2014. Full names are not included to maintain confidentiality.


“Thank you so much for spending time with us on Friday. We really learned a lot from watching you work, and appreciate this comprehensive report. We decided not to purchase the condo, and will contact you again in the near future for another inspection.”

Thanks again,



We would like to thank you for the service your company provided. The inspector was very helpful, courteous, and cheerfully explained things to us whenever we had any questions.”


Will & Janis


“Thank you for the wonderful job you did on our home inspection. We especially appreciated how you took the time to explain things. Your company came highly recommended, and with employees like you, it’s obvious why!”

Thank you again,

Amy & Kyle


“I just wanted to let you know how pleased Christy and I were with the inspection on our home. I was very much impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection and your report. It was reassuring to know that you were working for us, and not an outside agent. I was also very impressed with your report. Being in the service industry myself, I know that presentation and detail are key components to a successful business. I would not hesitate in contacting you again for your services and would definitely refer you in confidence. Once again, thank you.”


First Time Homebuyer



“Thank you so much for doing such a thorough house inspection on the old log and frame property of Locust Lane in Nashville. Not knowing anyone from the area I took the advice of the realtor to call your company. I was especially pleased that you gave so much information to all the areas of concern both to me and the realtor even commented that she was very impressed by your work and that she learned a great deal as well. Thank you again.”




“I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service I received from Sherlock Homes. I was very tempted to skip the inspections with the exception of the termite inspection. After saving $1,000 in repairs by showing the results of your inspection to the seller, your company certainly has my endorsement for anyone buying a home. I was very impressed with competent and thorough manner of your inspection. Last but not least, I received courteous, helpful information from your receptionist, who explained legal rights and technicalities to me.”

I wish you a prosperous new year!

Yours truly,



“Thanks for handling the inspection of our new house on Poplar Grove Rd. I learned a lot from following you around and I really admire your professional approach to your business. Use me as a reference anytime and please stop by and visit when you’re in the area.”



 ”We really appreciate you checking our roof and crawlspace. Your report gives us a great deal of comfort since we know you are so knowledgeable about these matters.”

Thanks again,

Vern & Bonnie


“Thank you for inspecting the house on Eastside Dr. Now my clients know exactly what needs to be done to the house after they placed it on the market. Your work will also help us determine the right price for the house. Thank you for your assistance—you saved my clients and me a lot of frustration!”

Yours truly,



“Thank you for yesterday’s short course in residential construction and home maintenance tips! The two hours we spent together during the inspection were very educational for me. Your willingness to share detailed explanations and your professional approach ‘made my day’. My son will appreciate your thorough examination of his prospective new home.”




“Thank you for your excellent service in the inspection of the home we are buying on S Park Avenue in Bloomington. The booklet you prepared was especially useful in determining the items needing immediate attention. It was also a pleasure (and an education) accompanying you during the inspection.”




“We were very pleased with the inspection that you performed. You were very thorough! We will recommend your service to anyone who is moving and needs an inspection.”

Thank you,



“I want to thank you again for a good job. The way you handled the small leak in the bathtub was really a life saver. I have had it repaired. This is another example to me of the excellent personal service that you offer. And I still can recommend you to my buyers with ultimate confidence!”

Thanks again for being what you are.




Dear Sherlock,

“Thanks so much for the excellent job you did last Tuesday inspecting our prospective home on Musgrave Rd. I was very impressed with your thoroughness & the speed & detail of the report you delivered to our realtor. Since the seller is balking at repairing the septic system we may need to call you again on another property. Thanks again, I’m recommending you highly to home buyers I know!”



“In this day when it seems as if everything a person buys, whether it be a service or a material article, it either overpriced or defective. I just wanted to tell you how impressed my husband and I were with the job you did and in the amount of your charges. My future plans include taking the real estate license I have had for a couple of years and becoming actively involved in selling. You can be assured that when a buyer of mine wants an inspection you will be the one receiving the call.”

Thank You Very Much,



“I have never sent a thank you note when remitting payment on an invoice before, but THANK YOU. Your service was so complete and thorough; we had to ask some “veteran” homebuyers if their service was a good-the answer was always  NO. Thank you for your help-we will call again.”

Leo & Beth


“I just completed reading an insert from your home inspection. As I read the “Cardinal Rules” I thought to myself how 1. tactful, 2. intelligent, and how 3. professional!  I probably would NOT have taken the time to compliment you but, when I opened the package and found the t-shirt I left HOW NICE!”




“We are in the process of buying our first home. As you well may know, it can be a daunting, stressful and overwhelming experience. Yesterday we had our potential new home inspected. This experience was the antithesis of the above mentioned status of mind. Our inspector was simply fantastic. We feel so blessed to have had him as our inspector. He was kind, patient, extremely thorough and informative. I really learned a lot and feel so much more capable of making an informed decision about this monumental purchase. I would recommend our inspector & Sherlock Homes to anyone.”


Many Thanks,

Scott H.


Thank you for the lovely report.  Our inspector was fantastic and I really appreciate the time and care he took educating me during the inspection.  I have worked with him in the past and both times he helped me become a better homeowner.  Please pass along my thanks.”





“Thank you for detailed and professional report. As someone who could not make it to attend the inspection, the detailed notes, photos and arrows were very helpful to me.”


Well done!



If you have any feedback you’d like to share with us please email us at sherlockhomesinspectionservice@gmail.com or mail to 3901 E. Hagan Street Suite F. Bloomington, IN 47401