Starting a Demand Side Management Program

 Sherlock Homes Inspection Service, Inc., a privately owned and operated home evaluation business, provides professional and independent home inspection services, energy audits and evaluations, energy ratings, weatherization management services, DSM programs for utilities and BPI building anaylst training and certifications . We have also worked with the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority and Department of Energy through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Grant evaluating and managing weatherization projects across Indiana for low income residents. Our building evaluation, home inspection, energy evaluations & weatherization programs have stretched over half of Indiana and across 3 states.
 If you are interested in starting your own demand side management or energy management program contact:

Dan Killion
Sherlock Homes Inspection Service Inc
3901 East Hagan Street
Bloomington, IN  47401
812-339-5987 ext 202