Energy Services


Sherlock Homes offers an abundance of energy services and evaluations to help diagnose inefficiencies and offer prioritized cost effective  repair lists throughout existing homes. Sherlock homes also offers new construction energy services and  ratings including Energy Star, Environments For Living, NAHB Green Verifications, HERS Ratings and plan reviews.

We know that home is where your heart is.  Unfortunately, some homes can also be challenged with inefficiencies.  Many times the inefficiencies are not very noticeable such as, dust throughout the home, drafty windows & doors, cracks along walls and ceilings, allergy like symptoms and most noticeably a high energy bill. If you live in an existing home & are plagued by comfort or high energy usage complaints call us today to help you assess the situation. If you are in the process of building a new home, make sure it’s being built with building science in mind and ask for a plan review or energy rating today.