Our Guarantee

What is Sherlock Homes 20% Reduction Guarantee?


Sherlock Homes Inspection Service Inc. /Weatherization Pros limited guarantee is a 3 year guarantee of seasonal load energy use provided certain criteria are met. This limited guarantee is provided to the client by Weatherization Pros, and includes a detailed client list of responsibilities.


Residential buildings that have significant moisture management issues, air quality issues, mold, or wet to damp crawl spaces or basements will not be eligible. 


What is Seasonal Load?

Seasonal Load is the energy or fuel that is consumed by household devices that is dependent on outside air temperature.  These items are limited to Furnaces, and Air Conditioners.  The Seasonal Load is calculated by subtracting the Base Load from the Seasonal Load. 


What is Base load?

Base Load is the energy or fuel that is consumed by household devices that has little to no dependence on outside air temperature including, but not limited to, lighting, kitchen and cleaning appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and the like, domestic hot water, and electronics.  The Base Load is calculated by the average of the lowest 3 months of energy usage.


What are the Eligibility Requirements for the Guarantee?

Residential Buildings are eligible for the guarantee that meet 4 of the following criteria prior to weatherization.. 


Prior to Weatherization:

  1. Whole house leakage is 25% or more above the minimum ventilation rate.
  2. 4 or more air ducts with duct leakage above 2.0 Pascal’s.
  3. Attic insulation at or below R19.
  4. Air barrier defined as the foundation wall and Rim Joist with foundation wall insulation at R0.
  5. Air barrier defined as the sub floor with the floor cavity insulation and duct insulation at R0.
  6. 45% of the total load is seasonal load.  (You must provide the last 12 months of gas and electric billing history)



  1. An Energy Evaluation and Diagnostic Audit must have been performed by Sherlock Homes.
  2. All recommend work scope items in the Diagnostic Audit must be implemented by an approved Weatherization Pro Contractor.
  3. Sherlock Homes must Perform Weatherization Management Services.  (Coordinates recommended weatherization services with an approved Weatherization Pro Contractor.
  4. Sherlock Homes must perform a final audit to confirm installation of the recommended final work scope.  (Note:  Generally this fee is less than $250.00)